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October Newsletter
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      October Newsletter 2014 and Voter Information Dear Constituent Below my signature is a summary of the legislature's work in October. There are...
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My Campaign
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I am grateful for the trust you placed in me several years ago.  I want to continue to serve our district by pressing for smarter government, greater state accountability and more transparency.  I will continue to be available and accountable to yo...
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Thanks for being involved-

Senator Wayne Niederhauser

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Simply click here and enter your email address, name and city: Newsletter Registration The newsletter is sent out weekly during the legislative session in January through March and monthly during the balance of the year.  Occasionally, I will send y...
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I'm Wayne Niederhauser and I have proudly served the residents of Senate District 9 since 2006.

On November 8,2012 I was elected to the office of Senate President.  I will work hard for all Utah residents and will keep your best interests at heart.

I invite you to explore my website. Also, please contact me anytime with questions or conerns.

-Wayne Niederhauser



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